The band have been very busy as of late with the rehearsing and recording of the soon to be released CD entitled "Tribute".

The CD will feature 19 tracks in total and will last about 75 minutes. The content of the CD is very varied and as well as Pipe band tunes will also feature new arrangements of tunes for orchestra and Pipe Band by our musical director John Carlo Bellotti.

"it's been a great challenge writing for a project like this. The normal rules about writing and arranging go out of the window when your dealing with bagpipes. The tuning is very temperamental and special care is needed to ensure the melody is in the correct key which allows the players to get the most out of the score"

The challenge has also been met by the band, working with an orchestra doesn't usually happen in the Pipe Band world.

"This is a truly special CD which encompasses elements from all genre of music and is quite magical in moments" says Pipe Major Karl Brown.


1: TRIBUTE featuring “pack up your troubles”(j judge & h Williams), “long way to tipperary”(f powell), original music by jc Bellotti, “flowers of the forest”(trad), “mingulay boat song”(trad), narrated by t troup, pipe solo k brown.

2: THE INTERNATIONAL SET featuring “Scotland the brave”(trad), “sarie marie”(s African trad), “waltzing matildas”(trad)

3: THE GAEL (d maclean arr jc Bellotti) pipe solo k brown

4: THE MSR featuring “the siege of delhi”(trad), “Caledonian society of London”(trad), “over the isles to America”(trad)

5: CALEDONIA (d maclean arr jc Bellotti) featuring k brown on electronic chanter

6: THE BIG SWING featuring “glendaruel highlanders”(trad), “cock o’ the north”(trad)

7: RED, RED, ROSE (r burns arr jc Bellotti) featuring jc bellotti

8: STUART JAMES ROBERTSON dedicated to the memory of our fallen friend (d mason)

9: SCOTS WHA HAE (r burns arr jc bellotti) featuring jc bellotti

10: DRUMMERS SALUTE featuring “bluebells”(trad), “thomas sanders”(k walford), “leaving liverpool”(trad)

11: THE ADVANCE featuring “bonnie Dundee”(trad), “100 pipers”(trad)

12: THE SONG OF THE CLYDE (ry bell & I gourley arr jc Bellotti) featuring jc bellotti

13: JAMES HENDERSON (r Mathieson)

14: THE BARD (r burns arr jc Bellotti & t troup) featuring jc Bellotti

15: AMAZING GRACE (trad arr jc Bellotti) pipe solo k brown

16: THE MEDLEY featuring “Andrew s Warnock”(t macallister), “paddy carey”(trad), “nameless”(trad), “home to the kyles”(r Mathieson), “mac an irish”(trad), “the brolum”(trad), “the merry boys of greenland”(trad)

17: LOCH LOMOND (trad arr jc Bellotti) featuring jc Bellotti

18: THE RETREAT featuring “green hills”(trad), “battles o’er”(trad)

19: HIGHLAND CATHEDRAL (u roever & m korb arr jc Bellotti )pipe solo k brown

"All tracks have been produced “organically” with no overdubs, which in effect makes every track a single live take. We have aimed for a sound which reflects back to the pipe bands of yesteryear, being somewhat “softer” than the bright “sharp” sound found in the pipe bands of today.There may be points in this cd which are not perfect but that’s okay by us, Whilst this CD is a tribute, it  has been made with a view to entertain.

Recorded live at Merrick’s Lodge, Merricks victoria at our weekend camp November 2015."



The new CD from Frankston RSL Pipe Band